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USDCAD - Already at 100 pips and running. Lucky ? No,this is called "Efficient Chart Reading"

This is Why if you do spend very little time reading the chart you can forecast the next move. It is all there but encoded, use Weis Wave with Speed Index to decode it and success is eminent.

The Story:

  1. Hit major Support from the weekly chart

  2. These two waves are the highest since Feb 2021 and they are their 1st and 2nd push up

  3. Hard Time to Move Down wave = Lot's of volume small pip move = Effort vs. Result

  4. Plutus Long created by a 42.9 and 11.3 SI. Do you see any other 42.9 on the up moves in the chart? NO! Well, guess what, Change in Behavior of SI.

  5. Up waves get larger than the down waves

  6. Finnaly another exteme SI of 73.5 and Plutus Long

... the up move was obviously coming.

This is the Magic of Speed Index!!!

PS. I forgot to annotate the PVR which is also visible that we have buyers several times at the bottom.



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