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USDCAD - I hope the news did not distract you because they were prepositioned from yesterday.

It was obvious from this morning that it was going down, because market makers were prepositioned for short independent of news, false move up on news. The 1st order just closed with 65pips (visible on chart) , 2nd and 3rd moved stoploss to BE and still running.

Our Story:

  1. Hit the 4HR Fib Area

  2. Very Hard Time to Move UP - which was created at the top

  3. Sellers at the top.

  4. Change in behavior of Speed Index- SI:21.9 Nothing like that in the up waves

  5. Plutus Short Patterns with SI ratios >2

  6. Plutus Reversal Short with SI ratio >2

This is the Magic of Speed Index.



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