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USDCHF - Putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

This post is for some new comers in my methodology.

The Story:

  1. Hit a very important Fib - Why is it important? because it is coming from a very high timeframe, the Weekly. The higher the timeframe the more important the level is (Support/Resistance/Fib).

  2. The highest Down Volume Wave with Linear Pip Move after 12 days.These were sellers.

  3. The upwaves of the above reaction with very small volume.

  4. Hit a Fib on the upmove and down we go again.

  5. Hit Support on the 1HR but Hard Time to go Up (Effort vs. Result)

  6. Finally Plutus Reversal Short and down we go again.

Missed that, I was sleeping, too late to enter now hit another important Fib.

I hope this help! Any comments on the post are welcome!

This is the Magic of Speed Index!!!

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