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USDJPY - Case Study on Tick and TF charts. Speed Index and Plutus Identified the Turning Point!!

Explosion of 83 Pips

!!! This is the Magic of Speed Index !!!

There is no Magic and I am not a Magician! Enjoy!

By the way, this was a morning tip to my VIP members, I hope you people made some money. Yes ? No? please comment below

As repeatedly mentioned Speed Index and Plutus works on any kind of chart as long as your broker volume are reliable. Therefore we will demontrate how this turning point was visible in two different types of chat TF and Tick.

Same Story in Different Words on each Chart

Let's start with the regular Timeframe 1HR chart.

Hourly trend is down until we hit 61.8 Fib, they just love this place but not all the time that is why we have Speed Index and Plutus to tell us their intentions.

  1. Coming down and hit Fib 61.0 and started moving sideways

  2. PVR says high volume activity probably Buyers. Guess what? this is during US news yesterday - so predictable

  3. Abnormal SI 16.1 (nothing like that on all the down waves - that is a very slow wave and this is where smartmoney is absorbing all the sell orders with buy orders)

  4. Another Abnormal SI 14.2 same story as 3. more absorption of sell orders with buy orders.

  5. ...and Plutus shows the way and the entry

The Tick Chart Story:

  1. Coming down with a Fast Fake wave and hit Fib 61.0 and started moving sideways

  2. A Hard to Move Down Wave is formed

  3. Abnormal SI of 18.4 (nothing like that on all the down waves)

  4. ...finally Plutus shows the entry

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