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Week 13 Forecast - What to look for!

These are some of my findings during my Sunday chart reading and this called planning your trades.

AUDCAD going from Fib to FIb last fib touch is with a fast down wave of 4.1 SI and the reaction is large up wave. All we need now is the forming down wave to finish with an High SI (abnormal) and then a nice break upwards. If this happens then this is confirming a Wyckoff Spring move.

GBPAUD after the range exit at top we had nice down waves  with a normal SIs and larger than the up waves. These fast up move with SI 2.1 seems to be fake and it also stopped at FIb area. Breaking the blue line I will go short.

NZDUSD - This is classic trend following - by following the waves - red volume and pip waves are larger than green, therefore Short. We just broke a major Fib with no real reaction at the bottom but it was Friday (too late for buying and they might wait for next week) - Maybe a bit risky to enter on this one.

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