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Wk22 Forecast

This is going to be a slow start week because we have quite a few European countries with National holidays and US with Memorial Day on the 29th.


Not the best look, a messy range. I am already short based on the following: Resistance, AVWAP hit and high PVR every time price approaches the top.


The background we have the largest down wave.

Next down move is a Hard to Move Down with SI 78.2 SI

Now on Fib

To analyze the situation on FIb we switch to the 1HR

Largest Down Wave after hitting Fib

and High PVR which a question mark (Sellers or Buyers?)

Just monitor the range and wait for an Exit with Plutus (Bias Short)


Two very fast up waves - not justified with the background and could be fake moves

...analyze the Fib area on 1Hr.

No much except a High PVR on the up moves.

We will monitor and wait for it


Ranging just below resistance - Waiting for the Exit form Range with Plutus. Bias: probably short


Largest up wave after very long time.

Then a high PVR - not identifiable as sellers or buyers yes

Wait for the next waves, one wave not enough to forecast the price move


After the nice Plutus signals for the Exit from range we have reached the Fib area which we will find some resistance. PVR is high on the down moves.

The Forecast a few up downs on Fib and then Long

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1 Comment

This is (still) great. I am thinking about implementing a weekly sunday review. That is, how did it go, and if there is something to be learned from that week (analysis, money management etc.)

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