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Wk5 to Monitor - Possible trades coming up!


Has hit a 50 Fib and has started ranging all last week at a 92 pip range. PVR notes that we will break the range upwards, all the Bs mean buyers as the price drops within the range and S =sellers. If we do break upwards with a Plutus signal is an entry with target the next Res Level which is below 61.8 Fib. Patience, we could also keep ranging for while, Long is not confirmed.


Has hit major Support Level and started ranging on 110 pips range. Abnormal SIs started forming within the range - Be aware of a classic Exit from Range with Plutus.


Price has broken one Support level and moved to the next one.

On H4 we have an Abnormal SI on 30.6 that could form a pattern familiar to the VIPs

On H1 we are ranging with Abnormal SIs on a 107pips range - You can monitor a classic Entry when the time comes.


Another Range after hitting resistance (also overshoot of 61.8 Fib) waiting for the Exit with Plutus - Direction unknown, use your Rectangle Break indicator and wait for the break.

Of course there are more opportunities for trades but I will let use find them yourself. Do not be greedy just choose the best 3 to 4.


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