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Wychoff Question - Answer !!!

First all I would like to thank the people that answered.



"I guess a FX pair will be ready to move once the (re)distribution/(re)accumulation phase has finished, i.e. when there is either no supply or demand left in the marked"

@Vilem "quality of demand/supply (effort/result) , strenght or weakness prevailing (low high volume tests) , relation to currency index (overall strenght)"

I guess both of your answers are correct because there are so many things that Wychoff has tought us and all them correct and very important. There are not though the answers I was looking for.

The three most important things about a stock (pair) are: Location, Location and Location. Why ? because it all starts from the Location, the action follows the Location (for example Buyers at bottom, Sellers at the top, buyers or sellers on retracement of trends, etc.)



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